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Bud N’ Mary’s is a world famous fishing marina, located in the heart of the beautiful Florida Keys.  Islamorada is known as the sportfishing capital of the world!
Since 1944, Bud n' Mary's has been home to the best charter fishing fleet in the Florida Keys! Learn More about us

Fishing Reports

All the catch reports both offshore and backcountry around Islamorada and the Florida Keys.

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The Bud N’ Mary’s Outfitters store has everything you need! We have the largest selection of PELAGIC GEAR in the Keys, YETI Coolers, custom COLUMBIA GEAR, and XTRATUF BOOTS.

What Our Customers Say...

5 star ratingWe tried to stay here and it was booked... but we stopped here on the drive. It was the highlight of the drive! Sharks, tarpon, pelican, great ibis and a manatee!! We just watched the animals for an hour.
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Nicole H. Avatar
Nicole H.
4 star ratingLet me just say that I thought I was going to have to write a 1-star review.
I called last night to book seats on the party boat and the fun gentleman told me all about the charter. I was excited. He said to come by in the morning and grab tickets and go.
Fast forward to 8:00 this morning. We get there and are met with friendly smiles from the nice cafe lady. We make our way to the back and ask about the charter.
The cranky old lady in the back (named Robin) told us angrily they were sold out and we couldn't go. I explained that the gentleman last night told me to drop by and she essentially accused me of lying. She literally said, "I don't believe you." Oooookkay, Robin. I'm making it up.
Let me make this clear. Robin stinks at her job. Robin is a good vibes killer. Whatever misery Robin is going through in her life, she wants to share every bit of it with you. So Robin shut down any fun or excitement about fishing in the Keys. Had she answered when I first called Bud n' Mary's, I would have NEVER been interested in spending the day with a miserable wretch like her. Thank goodness the sweet older gentleman talked to us and got us excited about the trip! He may have given us some misinformation but he was so nice and trying to be helpful. I much prefer enthusiasm over anal retentiveness anyway.
When I explained that we had driven 12 hours to get there and were really excited about the fishing charter being the highlight of our trip, she again accused me of lying and asked which hotel we were staying in for verification. Really???? Ooookay, I'm evidently making that up too. Robin gets negative 10 stars.
So I had to get all Karen on her and ask for the manager. No regrets.
Enter Bill. Bill is the manager and he is way more competent and friendly than his evil desk monitor, Robin. He comes along and talks to the captain and works us in. It wasn't hard. He did it with a smile. Bill made it happen. Bill is in the business of working with people and helping them have positive experiences so they will come back. Bill rocks.
So my son gets on the fishing boat for the day and he has an awesome time. Catches a lot of fish and has a great time. Crew was fantastic. I was really happy that Bill and the captain of the boat could accommodate us.
My son had an epic day, and that is why I give them 4 stars. Every place has that one employee who hates their job and spends their day making sure everyone else is as miserable as they are. Luckily, we were able to Karen above her and enjoy the wonderful people, personalities, and epic fishing adventures that Bud N' Mary's is known for!
So things I learned:
1. BOOK ONLINE. Even if the adorable cheerleader fishing enthusiast who works night shift tells you to come in the morning and get on the boat, book it from their website.
2. Website says they have 49 spots. Not true during COVID. Only 30. And evidently they are full EVERY DAY. So book early.
3. Bring your food and drinks. Website says they have food served on the boat. Not true. Bring your own.
4. Have a great time!
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Rachel S. Avatar
Rachel S.
5 star ratingI used Bud N Marry's marina to get on the Miss Islamorada Charter to do some reef fishing recently. It was a rainy day when we got there. I was excited we were still going to departure and be all day out. The rain shortly stopped. The ocean was calm and the fish were rambunctious. Captain Ben was true gentleman, so courteous, so nice and extremely caring. He was making sure that everyone hooked at least one good sized fish for dinner. Even though he is the captain he worked his tail off, even making bait ball for those of us in the back of the boat catching snappers.He took us to a great spot, even encountered some bull sharks.

Bring your own drinks and snack, none of it its provided for you. You will have great fun and you will go home with a bucket or cooler of fish. They provided an array of bait and they will help you every step of the way. The bait doesn't promise that you will catch fish but at least they will die trying for you. Great experience, gorgeous day to be out, turquoise waters and alligator reef beautiful as always. Nice boat, stable and smooth ride to the reef and back.
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Hilda H. Avatar
Hilda H.

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Bud N' Mary's

Established in 1944 and home to over 40 legendary fishing captains and guides, it is the oldest and largest fishing fleet in the Florida Keys Fishing industry.

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