Inshore (Backcountry) Fishing

We offer full day (8 hour), half day (4 hour), or evening tarpon (4 hour) trips.Most trips are based on 2 persons, though some boats can take up to 3 or 4 persons.
Please check individual guide boat pages for pricing, and please remember some boats may charge more that are larger and/or take more people.Florida Keys Backcountry Fishing Expeditions offer the light tackle enthusiast a chance to capture an amazing variety of gamefish. Here’s our list of guides that will increase their chances with their experience.Click names for info. Highlighted rows are larger vessels (bay boats).They can take more people comfortably and cost more (prices on individual page)!

Skiff Boats

GuideMax AnglersMakeMotor Inshore full day priceHalf Day
Al Polofsky2Hells Bay115 HP$750.00 (3rd person – add $100.00)$500.00 (3rd person – add $75.00)
Bill Bassett3Maverick115 HP$800.00 (3rd person – add $100.00)$500.00 (3rd person – add $75.00)
Bruce Pollock2Action Craft150 HP$750.00 (3rd person – add $100.00)$500.00 (3rd person – add $75.00)
Chris Daly3Hell’s Bay Marquesa150 HP$750.00 (3rd person – add $100.00)$500.00 (3rd person – add $75.00)
Clyde Upchurch3Willy Roberts115 HP$750.00 (3rd person – add $100.00)$500.00 (3rd person – add $75.00)
Dave Sisung3Action Craft140 HP$750.00 (3rd person – add $100.00)$500.00 (3rd person – add $75.00)
Eric Ehlers3Silver King90 HP$750.00 (3rd person – add $100.00)$500.00 (3rd person – add $75.00)
Gunner Guthrie3Action Craft140 HP$750.00 (3rd person – add $100.00)$500.00 (3rd person – add $75.00)
Jeff Beeler3Action Craft150 HP$750.00 (3rd person – add $100.00)$500.00 (3rd person – add $75.00)
Jeff Oughton3Missing info150 HP$750.00 (3rd person – add $100.00)$500.00 (3rd person – add $75.00)
Jim Willcox3Action Craft150 HP$800.00 (3rd person – add $100.00)$500.00 (3rd person – add $75.00)
John Johansen3Seacraft200 HP$750.00 (3rd person – add $100.00)$500.00 (3rd person – add $75.00)
Mark Hlis2Hells Bay70 HP$750.00 (3rd person – add $100.00)$500.00 (3rd person – add $75.00)
Mike Bassett3Dolphin150 HP$750.00 (3rd person – add $100.00)$500.00 (3rd person – add $75.00)
Mike Nichols3Dolphin150 HP$750.00 (3rd person – add $100.00)$500.00 (3rd person – add $75.00)
Mike Venezia3Action Craft150 HP$750.00 (3rd person – add $150.00)$500.00 (3rd person – add $100.00)
Perry Scuderi3Action Craft140 HP$750.00 (3rd person – add $100.00)$500.00 (3rd person – add $75.00)
Skip Nielsen3Coastline140 HP$700.00 (3rd person – add $100.00)$450.00 (3rd person – add $75.00)
Ted Wilson3Maverick150 HP$750.00 (3rd person – add $100.00)$500.00 (3rd person – add $75.00)

-Prices subject to change without notice-

Bay Boats

Bay boats are larger, more comfortable, great for larger groups of 3 or 4. Can’t go quite as shallow, but offer more opporunities especially when wind is blowing.

GuideMax AnglersMakeMotor Inshore full day priceHalf Day
Mike Walter4Lake & Bay250 HP$900.00$600.00
Rick Stanczyk3Seacraft200 HP$1000.00 (3rd person – add $100.00)$600.00 (3rd person – add $100.00)
Tim Arce4Triton300 HP$1000.00$600.00
Vinnie Biondoletti3Sportsman150 HP$750.00 (3rd person – add $100.00)$500.00 (3rd person – add $75.00)

-Prices subject to change without notice-


$200.00 – per trip for Backcountry Charters

  • Deposits are required at the time reservations are made. All payments are subject to a 4% booking fee.
  • We have a 30 day cancellation policy. If you cancel outside the 30 day window of your reservation date your deposit will be refunded, less a 10% cancellation fee.
  • If reservations are cancelled inside the 30 day window of your reservation date your entire deposit would be non refundable.
  • Trips cancelled within 24 hours of departure or ‘no shows’ will be charged in full.
  • In case of severe weather, the captain will decide to either delay, reschedule, or cancel the trip. In the event the trip is cancelled, the deposit will be refunded, less a the original 4% booking fee.
  • 4% fee on balances paid through marina office, though this can be avoided by bringing cash/check directly for captain. Most captains take credit card but please check beforehand to make sure.

Fly fishing, spin, or plug tackle enthusiasts can enjoy some of the most exciting “skinny” water fishing trips in the wide world of angling.

The confluence of the Everglades, Florida Bay and the Atlantic Ocean provide the perfect habitat for Bonefish, Tarpon, Permit, Snook, Redfish and Trout on the seemingly endless flats that are only minutes away from the dock.

The acrobatic antics of a possible world record “Silver King,” the screaming drags that signal the sizzling runs of Bonefish and the nearly nonstop action of Trout and Ladyfish are just some of the excitements you can expect when you fish with our world renown Islamorada Backcountry Guides.

Florida Tarpon Fishing is truly spectacular! Many guides also fish the Gulf of Mexico at certain times of year for cobia, mackerel, goliath groupers, permit, triple tail, and other species.

Being located in Islamorada offers both the great fishing of the Everglades National Park and the Gulf.

Sometimes the fishing on the oceanside is particularly good as well, the flats hold bonefish and tarpon, as well as some of the shallow ‘patch’ reefs for snapper, grouper, mackerel, and yellowtail. All are options on a Florida Keys Flats Fishing expedition.


Maximum 3 Persons Per Skiff (sorry, no exceptions)
Maximum 3 or 4 Persons Per Bay Boat (check individual page)

If you have any special requests (i.e. target certain fish, flyfishing, visiting a certain area, etc…) our guides can accommodate you, however you must let us know at least 24 hours in advance in order to notify the guide so they can bring the proper equipment.

Boat provides:

  • Fishing License/Permit
  • Bait and Tackle
  • Fillet Bags
  • Expertise
  • Cooler with Ice

You provide:

  • Your own food and drinks
  • Sun Lotion or Block
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Light Sole Shoes
  • Camera
  • Gratuity of 15% to 20% is customary

Fishing Reports

Late April Backcountry Fishing Report

April is nearing it’s end and tarpon season is definitely in full swing here in the Florida Keys.  We had a very early start to our tarpon season here in South Florida, with a super warm and calm February and March.  Thousands of fish of all sized showed up in… Read More

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What Our Customers Say…

  •   Captain Nick Stanczyk is an absolutely fabulous guide and captain. He knew where to fish which put onto a giant fish very quickly. Then he never took his eyes off the line and kept the boat properly placed for the duration of an 8 hour plus fight. In the end, we landed a record size swordfish of over 757 pounds. As experienced captains ourselves we cannot say enough positive things about Capt. Nick, his boat or and his crew. In addition, Bud n Mary’s knows how to treat fisherman of all levels. The Galley Girls Cafe located at Bud n Mary’s puts together great early am breakfast in plenty of time to make the boat departures and their lunch boxes are excellent as well. If you are looking for great day trips or a trip of a lifetime Capt. Nick Stanczyk and Bud n Mary’s is the place to go.

    thumb DebbieL2887
  •   Our family enjoyed two half day fishing trips in March 2019, while on vacation in The Keys. Both our Captains were exceptional and we highly recommended them! The trips were out of Bud n’ Mary’s Marina. One trip booked through the captain ahead of time and one booked through the marina the day before. The first trip was with Captain Mike Walter, in search of a big tarpon to fulfill our daughter Chelsea’s Bucket List. Captain Mike immediately put us on the tarpon and Chelsea was thrilled with the fight of her 80 pounder. The second trip with Captain Dave Peck was for a variety of different species and we caught a lot of fish, which we enjoyed. But the last fish of the day was the highlight and we will remember it as “The Fish of a Lifetime” a 250 lb Goliath Grouper! It truly was an Amazing Experience! More

    thumb Janet M
  •   My husband and I visited Bud and Mary's to grab some bait for our 5th anniversary fishing day trip the beginning of the month. Super friendly and happy people, we're very helpful to point out a nice spot to go fishing, and supplied us with great shrimp bait. Food smelled great but it was early so we plan to come back and try it. The property was super clean, including the dock. There were a lot of charters out that morning and a few visitors milling around. They have a small school of tarpon and nurse sharks and some pelicans hanging around wait for scraps, and you can purchase food to feed them. Really want to jump on a charter next time we come down! They also have a dive shop that had a huge selection of gear, but was closed for lunch while we were there. Great place, we will be back.

    thumb janettez2014
  •   A full day out fishing. Dress in layers as the morning is cool, but afternoon gets warm. Bring hats and suntan lotion.
    Everyone caught a lot of fish- the crew made it easy and fun. After the trip they sorted the fish, filleted it for us and recommended several restaurants to cook it for us. It was a great day.

    thumb SimonFamily476
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