Jeff Oughton

  • Guide: Jeff Oughton
  • Max Anglers: 3
  • Make: Missing info
  • Motor: 150 HP
  • Pricing: Inshore full day - $900.00 (3rd person – add $100.00)
    Half day - $600.00 (3rd person – add $100.00)

Fishing Reports

618# Swordfish for Catch 22! Read More

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5 star ratingBuy all my bait, fuel and lunch here. Great staff and friendly owners.
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Tom P. Avatar
Tom P.
5 star ratingFabulous Captain and Sportfishing Facility Captain Nick Stanczyk is an absolutely fabulous guide and captain. He knew where to fish which put onto a giant fish very quickly. Then he never took his eyes off the line and kept the boat properly placed for the duration of an 8 hour plus fight. In the end, we landed a record size swordfish of over 757 pounds. As experienced captains ourselves we cannot say enough positive things about Capt. Nick, his boat or and his crew. In addition, Bud n Mary’s knows how to treat fisherman of all levels. The Galley Girls Cafe located at Bud n Mary’s puts together great early am breakfast in plenty of time to make the boat departures and their lunch boxes are excellent as well. If you are looking for great day trips or a trip of a lifetime Capt. Nick Stanczyk and Bud n Mary’s is the place to go.
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DebbieL2887 Avatar
4 star ratingLet me just say that I thought I was going to have to write a 1-star review.
I called last night to book seats on the party boat and the fun gentleman told me all about the charter. I was excited. He said to come by in the morning and grab tickets and go.
Fast forward to 8:00 this morning. We get there and are met with friendly smiles from the nice cafe lady. We make our way to the back and ask about the charter.
The cranky old lady in the back (named Robin) told us angrily they were sold out and we couldn't go. I explained that the gentleman last night told me to drop by and she essentially accused me of lying. She literally said, "I don't believe you." Oooookkay, Robin. I'm making it up.
Let me make this clear. Robin stinks at her job. Robin is a good vibes killer. Whatever misery Robin is going through in her life, she wants to share every bit of it with you. So Robin shut down any fun or excitement about fishing in the Keys. Had she answered when I first called Bud n' Mary's, I would have NEVER been interested in spending the day with a miserable wretch like her. Thank goodness the sweet older gentleman talked to us and got us excited about the trip! He may have given us some misinformation but he was so nice and trying to be helpful. I much prefer enthusiasm over anal retentiveness anyway.
When I explained that we had driven 12 hours to get there and were really excited about the fishing charter being the highlight of our trip, she again accused me of lying and asked which hotel we were staying in for verification. Really???? Ooookay, I'm evidently making that up too. Robin gets negative 10 stars.
So I had to get all Karen on her and ask for the manager. No regrets.
Enter Bill. Bill is the manager and he is way more competent and friendly than his evil desk monitor, Robin. He comes along and talks to the captain and works us in. It wasn't hard. He did it with a smile. Bill made it happen. Bill is in the business of working with people and helping them have positive experiences so they will come back. Bill rocks.
So my son gets on the fishing boat for the day and he has an awesome time. Catches a lot of fish and has a great time. Crew was fantastic. I was really happy that Bill and the captain of the boat could accommodate us.
My son had an epic day, and that is why I give them 4 stars. Every place has that one employee who hates their job and spends their day making sure everyone else is as miserable as they are. Luckily, we were able to Karen above her and enjoy the wonderful people, personalities, and epic fishing adventures that Bud N' Mary's is known for!
So things I learned:
1. BOOK ONLINE. Even if the adorable cheerleader fishing enthusiast who works night shift tells you to come in the morning and get on the boat, book it from their website.
2. Website says they have 49 spots. Not true during COVID. Only 30. And evidently they are full EVERY DAY. So book early.
3. Bring your food and drinks. Website says they have food served on the boat. Not true. Bring your own.
4. Have a great time!
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Rachel S. Avatar
Rachel S.