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    5 star ratingI'm still going to give Bud & Mary's party boat five stars because I love the marina, the captain and the party boat itself 100% but for the first time in 7 to 8 years that I have been going on this boat I was a little disappointed with the crew. Ive never felt like they played favorites until yesterday. There was a particular customer that is also a regular and he and his family we're treated like royalty and others not so much. One of the other guest from out of town and I had a long conversation about it. It was definitely clear to all the other guest as well. I won't stop going on that boat because as I said I really like captain and love Bud n Mary's. My son worked in the service industry for years so I believe in tipping but I'll tip according to the way I'm treated as well.
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    Carla F. Avatar
    Carla F.
    5 star ratingGreat fishing exprience! Talking to the crew and learning how to use the rods and reels. They really helped a lot and took us to good places.
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    O262DBstephanieh Avatar
    5 star ratingThese guys work hard to put you on the fish and help you catch fish. You are going to catch fish. Good trip for beginners and experts too. At the end of the day they will clean and fillet the fish for you to take home to eat or take to a restaurant and let them cook it up for you. I have been on other boats that were not a good. The gear is all in good working condition and they run a tight ship. I am local and I will be back.
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    Patrick S. Avatar
    Patrick S.