Offshore Charter Boats and

Deep Sea Fishing Trips

Bud N’ Mary’s Fishing Marina has the oldest, largest, and most established fishing fleet in the Florida Keys.Our tournament tested Captains are world renowned for their abilities and acumen. Click their names to learn about them.

Sportfishing Boats

Boats have bathrooms, most have A/C, most have bridge/tower, and more comfort from the outside weather.

Name of BoatLengthCaptainReef full day price Offshore full day priceHalf DaySpecialty Pricing
Thats Right50John Oughton$1800$1800$1100N/A
Endeavor40'Hunter Barron$1800$1800$1100N/A
Relentless48Paul Ross$2000$2000$1200N/A
Reel McCoy46Raymond Baiz$1800$1800$1100Swordfishing – $2300/day ($500 deposit required)
Tan Man44Matt Davis$1800$1800$1100N/A
Kalex48Alex Adler$2200$2200$1000N/A
Gonfishin V50Glen Miller$2000$2000$1200N/A
Early Bird45Ross Early$1800$1800$10003/4 day $1500
Expedition34Wes King$1600$1600$1000Swordfishing – $2200/day ($500 deposit required)
Cloud Nine48Greg Eklund$2200$2200$1200Swordfishing – $3000/day ($500 deposit required)
Catch 2254Scott Stanczyk$2200$2200$-Swordfishing – $3000/day ($500 deposit required)
Buzz On46Aaron Brower$1800$1800$1100Swordfishing – $2300/day ($500 deposit required)
B n’ M34Dylan Bryan$1650$1650$1000Swordfishing – $2000/day ($500 deposit required)
-Prices subject to change without notice-

Center Console Boats

Name of BoatLengthCaptainReef full day price Offshore full day priceHalf DaySpecialty Pricing
Spartan Offshore32Trevor Newman$1500$1500$900N/A
The Provider34Brooks Gregory$1600$1600$1000N/A
Gimme Jimmy39Jordan Wolk$1800$1800$1100Swordfishing – $2500/day ($500 deposit required)
Fearless27Joey Hendrix$1400$1400$900N/A
Dauntless27Jim Hendrix$1400$1400$900N/A
Broad Minded42Mike Varney$2500$2500$n/aSwordfishing – $3000/day ($500 deposit required)
-Prices subject to change without notice-


$400.00 – per trip for Offshore Charters.

$500.00 – per trip for Swordfishing Charters

  • Deposits are required at the time reservations are made. All payments are subject to a 4% booking fee.
  • We have a 30 day cancellation policy. If you cancel outside the 30 day window of your reservation date your deposit will be refunded, less a 10% cancellation fee.
  • If reservations are cancelled inside the 30 day window of your reservation date your entire deposit would be non refundable.
  • Trips cancelled within 24 hours of departure or ‘no shows’ will be charged in full.
  • In case of severe weather, the captain will decide to either delay, reschedule, or cancel the trip. In the event the trip is cancelled, the deposit will be refunded, less a the original 4% booking fee.
  • Balances paid subject to 4% fee, but can be avoided by bringing cash or check directly to captain. Some captains will take credit card but please check beforehand.

At the crack of dawn your boat and crew will be ready with everything necessary for an unforgettable day of fishing in the “Sportfishing Capital of World”.

You can rest assured that a very memorable day awaits you when you book a charter with the world famous Bud N’ Marys fishing fleet.

Bud N’ Mary’s Fishing Marina, which has been located in Islamorada, the heart of the Florida Keys since 1944, can truly be called the “Sportfishing Capital of the World.”

It’s geographical location is totally unique in that it offers a broad spectrum of fishing which can be found no where else in the world. In fact, nearly every species of salt water gamefish in this hemisphere can be caught within proximity of Islamorada, Florida.

If you’re thinking about Miami Offshore Fishing, remember it’s not too much of a further drive south to Islamorada!

Check out our Florida Fishing Charters and find a trip that’s right for you. Due to our location, we can reach many fishing areas that are inaccesible anywhere else in the keys!

Blue water anglers employ everything from fly tackle to trolling gear to challenge the depths of the azure blue waters of the Gulf Stream for acrobatic Sailfish, Marlin, powerful Tuna, blue/green/golden hued Dolphin, razor-toothed Wahoos, giant Tiger and Hammerhead Sharks, and iridescent King mackerel.


Florida Dolphin Fishing is absolutely spectacular in summer months, and the winter brings great Islamorada sailfish weather!

Deep water reefs offer tackle breaking giant Groupers and delicious Yellowtail Snappers.

With seasonal runs overlapping, there’s always a wide variety of exciting fishing to leave anglers with a lifetime of memories.

From novice to experts, Bud N’ Mary’s Marina has something to offer everyone throughout the year.

Islamorada Offshore Fishing always has something to offer!
We have the best Florida Fishing Charters you’ll likely find anywhere!

Find out about the latest sportfishing trend, “Daytime Swordfishing!”


Maxiumum 6 persons per boat (sportfishing boats), center console boats will take a maximum of 4.

If you have any special requests (i.e. target certain fish, flyfishing, visiting a certain area, etc…) our captains can accommodate you, however you must let us know at time of booking in order to notify the captain so he can bring the proper equipment.

Boat provides:

  • Fishing License/Permits
  • Bait
  • Tackle
  • Expertise and Local Knowledge
  • Cooler with Ice

You provide:

  • Your own food and drinks
  • Sun Lotion or Block
  • Sunglasses and Hat
  • Light Sole Shoes
  • Camera
  • (Gratuities customary for 1st Mate)

Fishing Reports

618# Swordfish for Catch 22! Read More

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5 star rating“Great day trip!” Great trip on the Miss Islamorada. Captain kept us on the fish all day. We caught just under 30... read more
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dalev456 Avatar
3 star ratingCaptain was a little rude and condescending, First Mate was a little curt and impatient, but the Second Mate (Nick) was Great! Some of the tackle was really old and worn out, bait was hard to come by during the last hour of I would not recommend this charter boat.
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David A. Avatar
David A.
5 star ratingGreat day! A full day out fishing. Dress in layers as the morning is cool, but afternoon gets warm. Bring hats and suntan lotion.
Everyone caught a lot of fish- the crew made it easy and fun. After the trip they sorted the fish, filleted it for us and recommended several restaurants to cook it for us. It was a great day.
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SimonFamily476 Avatar