Gonfishin V

  • Boat Name: Gonfishin V
  • Captain: Glen Miller
  • Length: 50
  • Pricing: Reef full day - $2000
    Offshore full day - $2000
    Half day - $1200
  • Special Pricing: N/A

Fishing Reports

618# Swordfish for Catch 22!

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5 star ratingBest fishing trip you'll go on for the price!! The captain put us on fish all day and boy did we catch them. We went from 9:30-4:30 and between my grandpa, my girlfriend, and I, we caught 2 five gallon buckets full of all kinds of fish. We caught yellow tail, grunts, porgie, and a bunch of other random fish. I saw a couple guys pull in king mackerel. The crew was very knowledgeable and extremely kind and I couldn't thank them enough. At the end of the day it costed $70 per person and they ask for a %20 percent tip to the mate(Which after they helped out all day I was more than happy to give more than %20) and I gave them another $15 for cleaning my fish which isn't required but after they clean that many fish it's worth every penny. I learned a lot and laughed a lot and caught a lot of fish and the day couldn't have been better
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Levi S. Avatar
Levi S.
5 star ratingParking is tough. Great place to see the birds waiting for fish leftovers! Took cloud nine out for 1/2 day fishing charter. Had gear time with capt Eric and first mate Jordon. Went out to alligator reef and caught a bunch if nice yellow tail snapper. Then the crew cleaned up the fish for us and got us a reservation at his friends restaurant - chef Micheal's north of marina. Dinner with our fresh catch was awesome!! Thanks capt Eric and Jordan!
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Mew W. Avatar
Mew W.
4 star ratingIf you are visiting to fish and need to know what is biting, where to go or what bait to use then you must stop by this bait shop. Everytime I have been there the staff is exceptionally helpful and full of knowledge!
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Shane M. Avatar
Shane M.