Cloud Nine

  • Boat Name: Cloud Nine
  • Captain: Greg Eklund
  • Length: 48
  • Pricing: Reef full day - $2200
    Offshore full day - $2200
    Half day - $1200
  • Special Pricing: Swordfishing – $3000/day ($500 deposit required)

Fishing Reports

Mid February Fishing Update – Cold fronts keep comin’ Read More

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5 star ratingHad a great time aboard the Miss Islamorada !! Super professional and friendly crew !! The captain was awesome. He explained everything in detail. He was always ready to answer a question or help you while we were anchored. The mates were the best I have ever encountered on a party boat !! Seth and Essex went far and above to make sure everyone caught fish and had a great time. So professional !! They seemed to be everywhere at once !! This boat may not have all the amenities some look for, like an air conditioned cabin and food for sale on board, but the Miss Islamorada is a serious fishing machine. Fast and stable. Leaves and arrives on time, 30 people max on the boat, which makes for an awesome mate to passenger ratio. I think there were about 20 people on my trip. Again, best mates I have seen yet. The mates provided us a variety of baits like ballyhoo, squid, and shrimp. They even hooked me up with live baits. Lots of action !! This boat also does not allow the stern to be reserved like many party boats I have been on. That is awesome. The mates split us up into 3 groups and rotated us to the stern where they had chummed the water. They gave us all spinning reels and shrimp for bait and we slayed the mangrove and yellowtail snappers !! Best part for me. So much fun. We also took turns drift fishing for yellowtail with shrimp and sinking chum balls. Crazy fun !! Everyone caught fish. The mates and captain also gladly filleted our fish and bagged them up for us. Thank you to the Captain and Crew of the Miss Islamorada. Great experience. I will return.
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Phil H. Avatar
Phil H.
5 star ratingBest fishing trip you'll go on for the price!! The captain put us on fish all day and boy did we catch them. We went from 9:30-4:30 and between my grandpa, my girlfriend, and I, we caught 2 five gallon buckets full of all kinds of fish. We caught yellow tail, grunts, porgie, and a bunch of other random fish. I saw a couple guys pull in king mackerel. The crew was very knowledgeable and extremely kind and I couldn't thank them enough. At the end of the day it costed $70 per person and they ask for a %20 percent tip to the mate(Which after they helped out all day I was more than happy to give more than %20) and I gave them another $15 for cleaning my fish which isn't required but after they clean that many fish it's worth every penny. I learned a lot and laughed a lot and caught a lot of fish and the day couldn't have been better
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Levi S. Avatar
Levi S.
5 star rating“Great day trip!” Great trip on the Miss Islamorada. Captain kept us on the fish all day. We caught just under 30... read more
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