Tyler Valles

  • Guide: Tyler Valles
  • Max Anglers: 2
  • Make: 17 Hells Bay
  • Motor: 150 HP
  • Pricing: Inshore full day - $900.00
    Half day - $600.00

Fishing Reports

618# Swordfish for Catch 22!

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5 star ratingThis is my third trip on this full day party boat fishing trip. Had a great time and the entire boat caught lots of yellowtail, snapper and other bottom fish. I love the fact that the mates are there to help you in every aspect of the fishing trip. I highly recommend this boat. Also, please note you must bring your own cooler with water, sodas, beer ( no hard liquor allowed), food & snacks as they are not sold or provided on the boat.
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Jim N. Avatar
Jim N.
5 star rating“Trent is the Best!” Absolutely best fishing guide!!! Trent was extremely patient and helpful with my son. He put us on... read more
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James B Avatar
James B
4 star ratingI looked at most of the websites prior to booking wirh Capt Rick. TOPSHELF; I got there plenty early and had breakfast at their store. Great call, biscuits and gravy large portion and very good!
It was still 30 minutes before our scheduled time to leave so I asked around the bait shop if Ricky was there yet. I was told that he had left to go get bait, usually this is done on the way to the fishing grounds taking up your fish time. I was aready pleased when Capt Ricky showed up and was ready to leave. His boat was outfitted with the latest in gear and electrionics. I really liked his trolling motor, it was tied to the GPS so when we got to site the motor kept us in perfect position for the bait to drift over the reef. I caught too many fish! Grouper types, snapper types LOTS of great eats!
Capt Ricky is a very good Skipper, he knows the waters and follows the tides very well. I am already planning next years trip and plan to book with Capt Rick @ Bud & Mary's.....
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Ed B. Avatar
Ed B.