Jake Turek

  • Guide: Jake Turek
  • Max Anglers: 2
  • Make: 17' Maverick
  • Motor: 115 hp
  • Pricing: Inshore full day - $900.00
    Half day - $600.00

Fishing Reports

618# Swordfish for Catch 22!

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5 star ratingReview for "Miss Islamorada" fishing charter: Captain and the mates worked very hard to put us on fish. Moved around a few times. Full charter and everyone had a chance to fish in the back for yellowtail- played no favorites. They may have read prior reviews; they worked really hard to make sure everyone was happy. Would definitely go again.
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David W. Avatar
David W.
5 star ratingHad lots of luck so great fishing, all six of us got some at the end we ended up w 48 decent sized fish, the folks on the boat were knowledgeable, would definitely recommend using them.
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Hector E. Avatar
Hector E.
1 star ratingThe biggest rip off for fishing. Paid $550 and never caught one fish. Never put a rod in the water. Watched the capt put the rods in and never caught anything for 4 hours! Was told it was snapper and tarpon fishing. Only went for tarpon and as I said didn't catch anything. Would not recommend this place. Complete waste of $550!
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Kim A. Avatar
Kim A.