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  • Epic Tripletail Fishing in Florida Bay

    Lots of free floating tripletail to be had a few days ago in Florida Bay.  Right conditions and it was good!  We did go a few days later and had to spend some time looking for them as they had moved but did find a few and caught a handful… Continue Reading

  • Monster Sharks & Goliath Grouper in the Gulf of Mexico!

    Check out our last adventure deep in the Gulf of Mexico on my brother Nick's boat... we got into some monster sharks and goliath grouper! Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel as well if you want to see more! Capt. Rick Stanczyk Instagram: @richardstanczyk Facebook: Islamorada Tarpon Fishing… Continue Reading

  • April 10, 2020

    April Fishing Report

    April Fishing Report

    Well unfortunately with the coronavirus stuff going on, we have been more or less shut down for a few weeks now. We've still been getting out fun fishing a little bit here and there. I'll post a more detailed report when I have time, but for now here is our… Continue Reading

  • January Backcountry Fishing Report

    Happy New Year everyone! January is here and it's officially the start of a new decade, wow!  It hasn't felt much like January though we haven't had much cold weather at all, and from the looks of it at least in the immediate future it's going to be staying warm. … Continue Reading

  • November Backcountry Fishing Report for Islamorada

    November is here and it's starting to cool off and feel somewhat fall like here in the Keys.  We had some great fishing the last couple months which are considered our 'off season.'  It was still fairly busy and we had no storms here, just a scare in early september… Continue Reading

  • October Florida Keys Fishing Report

    October is here and the 'Fall Bait Migration' is in full effect.  What's that mean?  Well in the Fall we start to get our first hints of cooler weather (slight temperature drop, and predominantly northeasterly medium to heavier winds).  This always seems to coincide with massive groups of baitfish pushing… Continue Reading

  • September Fishing in Islamorada

    September has arrived and it is officially 'slow season' here in the Florida Keys.  While we had a good bit of business in August (and still some very good fishing), the hurricane known as Dorian scared everybody away from South Florida this first week of September.  We were very fortunate… Continue Reading

  • July Islamorada Backcountry Fishing in the Everglades

    July is half way over - boy does time fly!  It's definitely felt like summer time, though as of late it's actually been a little nicer out.  We've had a little bit more wind so that has helped keep things a hair cooler, as well as several overcast/rainy days.  We… Continue Reading

  • Summer Time Backcountry Fishing Report in Islamorada

    Summer time is here and it's been a hot one early on!  This hasn't hurt the fishing much though - we've had tremendous fishing in the backcountry and inshore waters of the Florida Keys and Islamorada.  Tarpon fishing has been fair during the day time, often being best early in… Continue Reading

  • Late April Backcountry Fishing Report

    April is nearing it's end and tarpon season is definitely in full swing here in the Florida Keys.  We had a very early start to our tarpon season here in South Florida, with a super warm and calm February and March.  Thousands of fish of all sized showed up in… Continue Reading